Tuesday 28 February 2023


All packed and read for our trip to India - my sons will be home with Mollie cat so I didn't need kennels.  Much better for her as she is a very stressy cat.

I have a packing tip or two - I kept some bags which held sets of pillows - they zip up, I've have had them a few years - they fit nicely inside my suitcases and are a good way to stop things sliding around or coming out all messed up, also if the case breaks there's some hope my things will stay together in the inner bag.  I collect those plastic bags they give you at the airport to put your liquids in when you go through security - everything like shampoo, toothpaste and sun lotion gets its own bag.

I roll my clothes to avoid creasing and I have shorts, 3 tops, bikini and flipflops in my carry on bag just in case.  I didn't have time to take pictures of what went in my bags so will have to take lots of pics on holiday :)  As the internal flights only allow 15k of luggage, I had to be sensible and pack things that can be worn quite a lot, plus comfy footwear and some warmer things as Darjeeling is a bit chilly at the mo, but Kerala is sweltering - so some beach kaftans and shorts came too.

We are visiting Kolkata, Darjeeling and the Kerala backwaters, staying in hotels and then a houseboat, then down to the beach at Kerala before heading home.... I'm taking all my books on my Kindle - downloaded free from our library, they do magazines too.  But as I'm a nervous flyer and we have two flights out, two back and 3 in the middle of this trip - hubby bought me a paperback to read on the flights - it's Paul Mckenna's 'Freedom from Anxiety' - hope it works :)

I popped on the train to Brighton last week, it was my birthday so treated myself to a bean curry at Leon then bought a sunhat in Primark for a fiver.  It was bitterly cold so so hurried home but stopped to take a few pics for you...this is the kind of problem I have with blogger, pics are all on their side... Sorry if this gives you a stiff neck :).  

Back soon :)

Sunday 19 February 2023

Capsule Wardrobe

 As Blogger is not enabling me to upload pictures or edit/post on Wood Fairy, how lucky I had a spare blog I prepared earlier!  I will stick with Elderberry Rob until Blogger issues are resolved, maybe I will ditch Wood Fairy altogether...

My blogging buddy*Vix* has posted her capsule wardrobe and I felt inspired to post mine.  Hers is full to the brim, full of colour and very vintage - mine is the opposite!  Although I have a lovely collection of holiday clothes, some of which are vintage and half of which are EBay pre-loved I mostly keep those things for holidays and very hot days in high Summer (as it's not practical for my work, rushing around etc.)  Below is my easy to wear things that I looked out ready for Spring - I can see there's a lot of blue!  These are the things I wear every day for work or home... I don't have 'best' or 'smart' (I keep a pair of old  jeans and a jumper for the allotment though) ...

2 dresses and 4 skirts: one is pre-loved silk pleat, there's a denim and two midi floral, the navy bias is new (Fatface).

  two jumpers (cotton) ... Inside the wardrobe - you could hardly get lost in there, could you! the turquoise things to the left are my holiday stuff.

I have 3 navy, 3 white and one pattern jersey cotton long sleeve shirts  (I buy two things the same if I like them a lot!) and four cropped chino (white, pink, navy and **(look away Vix)** beige)  The pink chinos are new.  

I wear a denim jacket or a bright orange rain jacket that has a fleecy lining on colder days.  Footwear is either my lotta clogs,  or trainers.  I googled capsule wardrobes - they should have 30-50 garments - I think I have 21 items so there's room to expand :)  What would you like to see me add to my wardrobe? 

What's in yours? are you someone like me who likes order or are you someone who has lots of brightly coloured things with no particular theme bursting out of your cupboards?

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