Monday 3 July 2023


 Thank you blogging buddies for stopping by on my last posts and leaving comments, it's really appreciated. I have been visiting your blogs but on some could not leave  comment as Blogger won't let me.

I changed gym to one much nearer home and had some physio sessions.  They have a nice pool and you can book a lane.  The route home takes me past my allotment, so just a 5 minute drive and more time to water everything and sit in the sun.  I can also get to the woods easily from there  ... this week everything is very green..

We have enough new potatoes and salad leaves from my little allotment to eat something home grown every day.  I am in with other plot holders for the competitions to grow the biggest onion and biggest tomato - which will be judged 20th August at our annual bbq.   It's been a year since I took my plot and I have made some lovely friends, learned a lot and love growing my own food.  Hubby too enjoys the weekly social and helps me with the heavy stuff.

Pumpkins, courgettes, leeks, beetroot, runner beans, parsnips and carrots are all making slow progress.  I am planning ahead now to plant for our Christmas dinner!  It has been very dry and hot here in sunny Surrey so I have been watering daily with cans, trying to manage without a hose as it's a very long way from the tap.  The last 24 hours we have had some much needed rain - everything grows faster with rain as opposed to treated water!

 I have this fabulous new book which I found in the library and liked so much I bought a copy!  Plenty of tips on growing/technique, written so the likes of me find it easy to follow.  

My garden is full of lobelia, lavender, roses and herbs and I have let the lawn go a bit wild as the flowers are quite pretty!

Picked randomly off the library shelves... just finished this autobiography which I recommend.  I don't often read a book cover to cover in a week but this was hard to put down.  I loved reading about how Aasma jumped in and out of two countries and cultures, adapting to different languages, education, friendships, family, tradition.  It's a good one.  

Think I might get my paints out soon, I have set up my little table in the conservatory ready.

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