Sunday 4 June 2023

this week

After my 30 lengths at the swimming pool, strawberries and greek yoghurt for breakfast and a quick squirt of sun lotion,  I had visions of a whole day on t'allotment but it's been so hot that would probably have ended in heatstroke.  Maybe I should grow lots of tall sunflowers to provide shade, my plot is sunny all day round - lucky me!  

Hubby is able to get me a regular supply of spent filter coffee from a cafe near work, I have been busily filling my composter and spreading it round my tomatoes and runner beans to keep slugs away - everything smells lovely :)

My red onions have been eaten raw in salads and were delicious.  I have become obsessed with woodchip! It makes everything so tidy.

Apart from allotmenteering (is that a new word?) I had a day trip to Brighton - first time lying on the pebble beach this year! (although I have had some lovely foreign beach holidays, Brighton is still special as my 3 aunties lived here and their sister (my granny) took me to stay with each of them every Summer. 

 They all sat on the beach in stripy canvas deck chairs while I splashed about on the shoreline.  This merry-go-round  must have been there all my life.

120 quid for a T-rex vinyl album, wish I had kept all mine.

I like wandering Brighton Lanes, there are some  pretty little front gardens off there - just look what you can cram into one  about 4 x 1 metre

My posts are brief as I have to wear a splint for 8 weeks due to arthritis in my thumbs.  I am managing to work ok and get on with most things but it can get very achy at times.  Currently I don't have a home laptop, typing on my mobile phone so proves tiresome... bye for now :)

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