Friday 15 March 2024

Travelling light

For short trips like our 4 night stay in Marrakech I use a black  Easyjet zip up under seat bag - it's super lightweight and meets size regulations for most airlines.  I really dislike those small cases on wheels, they are a trip hazard to other people and take up far too much room in overhead lockers.  My bag is soft so will squeeze into the bag guage at check-in even when crammed.  Hubby takes a similar size gym bag.

 For Marrakech I packed 1 maxi kaftan, 1 maxi wrap skirt, 1 long chino skirt, 3 long sleeve blouses, 1 midi skirt, 1 black t-shirt, 1 black/wool wrap, 1 pair flat leather sandals, 1 orange maxi cover up, 1 black swimsuit, 1 foldable hat, undies (2 changes/wash at night) and 2 leather belts one wide, one narrow. I flat leather sandals.

I wore denim leggings, long sleeve navy jersey shirt, wool wrap and trainers on the flights.  If I am short of space on the return after buying souvenirs, I can wear a things over this.

Toiletries: I keep small 100ml bottles and refill them  they are enough for 4 days, this size can go in hand luggage. I take shampoo and conditioner, Body Shop CBD oil for my face (mature skin, recently discontinued so stocked up when it got reduced to a fiver a bottle,)), toothbrush and paste  I don't use foundation makeup, i dislike it.  I  use eyebrow, eye and lip pencils, blush and lipstick.   Hubby carries the decanted Calypso once a day sun lotion and after sun, his shaver and toothbrush.